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West Coast Fire Training

Dedicated To The Science of Live Fire Training

What We Do

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We provide fire departments with high quality, reliable and repeatable live fire training that is NFPA 1403 complaint. The WCFT team has conducted hundreds of burns in acquired structures and thousands in fixed facilities. This experience, along with our strong policies and procedures gives us the ability to create realistic conditions for students while maintaining as safe an environment as possible.

Live Fire Training



His no-nonsense, by the book approach to safety allows him and his team to provide as close to real world conditions as possible for students while maintaining control of the entire scene and providing a training opportunity you just can’t get any other way.

Matthew Sorenson
Division Chief of Training, Everett Fire Department
The depth of knowledge and experience provided by West Coast Fire Training on fire behavior and fire attack are by far, the best I’ve experienced in my 27 years in the fire service. …. I have and will continue to recommend Lt. Ian Bennett and West Coast Fire Training as your first and only call for live fire training instruction.

Justin Iverson
Division Chief of Training, Whatcom County Fire District #7
That was hands down the best training event I have ever attended. It has left a profound mark on my confidence and abilities to lead my crew. Your cadre was excellent and always remained professional…. I have no doubt this training will save lives and build better firefighters.

Dylan Lindsey
Lieutenant Whatcom County Fire District #1

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We do not have any open classes available at this time. When one opens up we will announce it on our Facebook page.