Hallway Series

Fire coming down the hallway.
The fire lights off the smoke as it combines with fresh air.
The nozzle makes the corner. The smoke has banked down and the visible fire has decreased.
TIC view of the overhead after the nozzle has opened up.


Ian Bennett checking the status of the fire on floor 2.
The TIC view shows that while their may not be any visible flame the temperature is still high.
The view is down the hall to the fire room. The nozzle is pushing up the stairs cooling as they advance.
The push is advancing. Ideally the nozzle stream should already be angling towards the fire room to bounce water that direction rather than still hitting the wall in front of them.
The nozzle begins to angle into the fire room.
Note the heat in the hall behind the nozzle. A quick hit on the backwall can ensure that the area behind is cool.